It’s Time to Plant Annuals! Selecting Hardy Plants

12 Apr

Spring is here and it’s time to revisit the garden! Flowering annuals are a favorite among homeowners. They last through the summer until the first frost and need to be replaced each year. These versatile plants can be planted in flower beds, baskets or containers.
Some sun-loving annuals (requiring at least six hours of sunlight per day) that grow well in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region, are pest resistant and will grow in most soil conditions include:

  • Wave Petunia, a spreading plant that is heat tolerant and long-flowering
  • Marigolds which are easy to grow and bloom all summer
  • Snap Dragons, which bloom in early summer, wilt mid-summer and re-bloom in the fall
  • Geraniums, a hardy plant with large flowers and minimal pest and disease problems
    Hardy plants requiring partial shade or shady locations include:

  • Forget-Me-Nots, a shade-lover with small delicate flowers
  • Verbena, which grows in semi-shade, tolerates drought and comes in a variety of colors
  • Impatiens are the best annual color producer for shady sites, but are not as pest resistant as some of the other plants listed above

Annuals are just a start. For other landscape needs, Gardner/Fox offers comprehensive landscape services ranging from garden maintenance to the design and installation of patios, walks, pergolas, water features and landscape lighting. For more information on our landscape services, contact Tony Assetto at (610) 525-8305.

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