Unexpected Home Trends

22 Mar

Gardner/Fox Construction and Heated Patio TrendHomeowners continue to think big – bigger rooms, bigger baths – we’ve seen this trend for years. However, industry experts have recently discovered five unusual features more and more homeowners are placing on their wish list.

Upscale Garages No longer smelly, greasy, or cluttered, today’s owners want custom cabinets and storage systems, refrigerators, air conditioning and residential looking flooring.

Caving Finally peace and quiet! Rooms dedicated for one person’s relaxation or enjoyment are becoming increasingly popular.

Rejuvenation Rooms A step above a regular exercise room, this room covers it all, from exercising to meditating to yoga, complete with a sauna and fancy steam showers.

Heated Patios (also heated walkways and driveways) Heated patios extend the season for outdoor gatherings. Northerners seek to decrease the quality time spent with their snow shovels over the long winter.

Snoring Rooms In addition to luxurious master suites with his and hers closets and grand bathrooms, some homeowners are adding a small room just large enough for a double bed and chair. The first one to snore wins an evening in the snoring room (it’s better than the couch).

The Gardner/Fox team of talented architects, skilled craftsman and insightful interior designers can help you create your ideal home. For more information, call 610.525.8305 or email mpennington@gardnerfox.com.

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