Spring To Do List

22 Apr

Signs of spring are everywhere! Magnolia, Cherry, and Pear are flowering, grass is growing, and bulbs are pushing through the soil unveiling daffodil, crocus, and tulips. Inevitably, like bees to blossoms we are drawn outdoors to our home gardens. If you are feeling anxious about the appearance of your garden, here are some things you should do this spring to achieve a healthy and beautiful garden.

Pruning – Cut ornamental grasses to a few inches from the soil. Remove winter damaged branches from trees and shrubs. Look for branches growing from a woody plant’s perimeter through the interior and crossing other branches. These should be removed. Wait until viburnum, forsythia, magnolia and rhododendron pass bloom to prune these.

Weeding – These opportunistic pests have started growing already! Pull them early when their roots are short and the soil is soft to prevent them from taking hold and spreading. Being diligent about weeding early will mean less work later.

Landscape Architecture and House Remodel completed by Gardner/Fox construction Planting – Now, is a great time to plant new trees, shrubs, and perennials to infill existing plantings or establish new gardens. Plant traditional annual bedding plants like impatiens and petunia, once the threat of frost (early May on the Main Line) has passed.

Planting Bed Maintenance – Spread plant food especially fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide as a preventative measure to control weeds. Cut the edge of the beds with a spade, and spread a top dressing of mulch for a clean look.

Lawn Care – Start by raking the lawn free of dead growth, leaves, twigs and winter debris. Spread soil and starter fertilizer in the bare patches of your lawn and rake to create furrows. Spread seed appropriate to the exposure of the site. Apply seed mulch like salt hay to protect the seed and water, water, water. Most turf grasses require an inch of rain a week to flourish.

Enjoy your time outdoors and good luck! For more information about landscaping call or email our Landscape Designer Tony Assetto at 610.642.6490 or tassetto@gardnerfox.com.

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