Going Away For The Holidays? An Idea That Could Save You Some Trouble

19 Dec

It’s getting cold out.  You’re going away for the holidays.   Anything special you should do with your house while you’re away?

Here’s a suggestion to consider, particularly if you live in an area prone to power outages:   turn the water off at the main incoming water line to your house.   Why?  Well, let’s say the power goes out while you’re away and you lose heat in the house for an extended period of time.  With no heat and cold weather a pipe in your house could freeze and start to leak.  If the water to the house is on, you would have an unending stream of water supplying that leak.  With the water off, you’ll only have the water in the pipe to cause trouble. A BIG difference.

It’s not absolutely necessary but something to consider if the forecast is for very cold weather and you live in an area of frequent power outages.  Just keep in mind any needs you may have to keep the water on–like the neighbor coming over to water your Christmas tree!

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