Spring Home Maintenance Tips

22 May

Air Conditioner Weather Will be Here Before You Know It!
Clean debris away from your central air conditioning unit and vacuum the top of the unit. Check window units and remove and wash filters in soapy water.

Prepare for Outdoor Living
Uncover and clean all outdoor furniture and grills. Power wash dirt and mildew from decks, replace broken boards and rails and apply all-weather sealer or stain.

Outdoor Maintenance
We’ve experienced a great deal of rain in recent months. Some suggestions for preventing water from entering your house include cleaning debris from gutters and downspouts, extending downspouts further away from your home and re-grading soil to slope away from your home.

Rake debris away from the side of the house and trim any trees or shrubs that touch the house.

Open hose bibs, connect garden hoses and inspect them for cracks or leaks. Inspect and touch-up exterior paint and scrub mildewed areas on your home’s exterior.

Check Alarms
Change smoke alarm and CO2 monitor batteries. Clean dust from the interior and exterior of the units.

Plan Home Improvement Projects
Plan and budget major home improvement projects such as painting the exterior of the house, deck or patio construction, driveway resurfacing or replacement and landscaping.

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