Remodeling? Be Careful in this Economy!

17 Jul

ladder safetyYear in and year out frustrated Homeowners have contacted us to see if we can help them out of a nightmare remodeling project.  Their situation usually falls into one of three categories:
1. Their contractor took a deposit, did a little work and then disappeared
2. They are into the project and it’s become apparent that their contractor doesn’t have the ability to competently complete their project or
3. They need repairs done to recent improvements and their contractor no longer exists.

With the current economy it seems like we’re getting more and more of these types of calls, probably due to a “perfect storm” scenario. Homeowners are (wisely) trying to watch their budget at the same time that recently unemployed tradesman have started their own business or established contractors have fallen on hard financial times.  Consequently, Homeowners are shopping strictly on price and inexperienced contractors or financially struggling contractors are presenting unsupportable bids. Everyone wants a deal, particularly in tough economic times, but choosing a contractor solely on price isn’t, and never has been, the best way to get the best value for your remodeling dollar. Now more than ever, do your diligence. Select a contractor that you are confident has the skills,  experience and the financial stability to complete the work and service future warranty obligations.

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