Smart Easy Green Home Remodeling Tips

3 Aug

Go! Smart Easy Green Home Remodeling TipsGardner/Fox just launched a new website chock full of practical tips and advice for a greener more energy efficient home remodel. Many people think that green building means installing the latest high-tech products like solar panels and rainwater collection systems, but it can have just as much to do with the insulation you choose, how well your home is caulked, and the efficiency of your AC unit.

To create an energy-efficient house, our experts recommend  that you focus first on the small stuff by choosing the greenest versions of the things you absolutely must have in the house: appliances, water heaters, insulation, windows, caulking, and weather-stripping. If you want to take it further, consider solar technology, sustainably harvested woods, reclaimed lumber, salvaged fixtures, and rainwater collection systems.

It’s important to approach green building armed with as much knowledge about systems and materials as possible. We have put together this green product guide to help you make informed and responsible decisions about your home. Our goal is to encourage the intelligent use of environmentally friendly materials and methods to provide healthy and non-toxic living spaces that promote the sustainable use of our natural resources.

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