Philadelphia Master Suite Renovations on HGTV

10 Aug

HGTV has a new show this season called “Bang for Your Buck” (airs Fridays at 9:30). The show compares three renovations in the the same room of the house, all in one city with similar budgets. The goal is to determine which homeowners made the best remodeling investments. If you’re thinking of remodeling and wondering if it’s the right time to make this sort of investment, you’ll definitely find this show insightful.

Philadelphia natives won’t want to miss designer Lytel Young compare three master suite renovations that were remodeled by Gardner/Fox with $120,000 budgets. The rooms include a romantic master suite with a balcony on the Main Line,  a traditional master suite with a relaxing sitting area and a traditional master suite with a fireplace and vaulted ceiling. The episode originally aired on HGTV July 31 at 9:30 and is scheduled to air again Sunday, September 20 at 2pm.

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