Julie & Julia Dish Up Great Ideas for Designing a Cook’s Kitchen

28 Aug

Ever wonder why Julia Child called her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking and not “How To Cook” or “Cooking for Dummies”? There’s a scene in the recent “Julie & Julia” movie where Julia Child and her editor struggle for the right words to communicate Julia’s eight-year achievement. The resulting title suggests that cooking is not an endeavor not to be undertaken lightly, but it’s a goal that can be reached with a little hard work and practice. Of course it helps to have the right tools for the job. A well-equipped kitchen may not be the key to mastering the art of French cooking, but it certainly will help open the door. Here are some of our favorite tips and tools for designing a kitchen fit for whipping up your favorite gourmet meals.

Cooks Kitchen with Six-Burner Range Double Oven
Set up working stations in your kitchen according to your usual cooking tasks so that all your tools are within reach. Positioned to keep the chef focused on the cooking, this extra-wide  six burner professional-grade range is flanked by hidden spice storage pull-outs. A break in the middle of the range is the perfect spot to rest oils and other cooking supplies.

Double Oven Stacked Main Line Kitchen Renovation
Two ovens allow dishes that require different temperatures to cook simultaneously. They can be side-by side or stacked. A kitchen should meet the needs of the cook, so if you have back trouble or if you’re a tall cook, double-ovens in a stacked configuration may be the right choice so you’re not bending as much. The stacked configuration can also help with space issues.

Kitchen Wet Bar Beverage Center
Keep guests and family members out of your work zone by setting up a beverage center in a remote corner of the kitchen. An extra dishwasher comes in handy too if you just want to wash glasses or throw in a load of prep cookware before serving a meal.

Oversized Kitchen Drawer for Pots and Pans Main Line Kitchen Renovation
Studies show that an average women spends about 70 minutes a day preparing food and drinks and cleaning up in the kitchen. So it’s worthwhile to adopt handy storage solutions or anything that creates convenience. An oversized drawer beside the range accommodates large pots and bowls that you don’t have to climb into the cupboard to reach.

Professional Range with Pot Filler
Did you know that one gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds? And the amount of water needed to make a large pot of pasta weighs nearly 20 pounds. Think about the energy wasted on carrying around a big pot of sloshing water. Install a pot filler faucet above your cooktop and you never have to carry a pot full of water to the cooktop again.

Warming Drawer in Main Line Kitchen Renovation
Warming drawers keep cooked & baked foods at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve them and they take up no more room than a regular drawer. Bon appétit!

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