Back to School Tips for Parents

8 Sep

Back to school means a return to reality for kids and parents. Parents can ease the transition with a little home planning and organization.

1. Create a Homework Station. A designated homework area in the kitchen or family room will help you monitor and encourage younger children to complete assignments. Older kids should have the option of studying in their bedroom or another quiet room of the house.

Breakfast nook in kitchen can double as a supervised homework station during the school year.
A breakfast nook in the kitchen can double as a supervised homework station during the school year.

Homework Station from Renovated Butler's Pantry
A renovated closet (in this case, a butler’s pantry) becomes a homework station with dual work zones. Surf the net or catch up on email while assisting with your child’s research project

2. Choose a place for backpacks and lunch boxes. Eliminate early morning confusion and afternoon chaos by designating a place to store school belongings overnight.

Mudroom with storage cabinets, bench and hooks.
A mudroom with a bench helps kids take off shoes and set down backpacks after school. Coats and hats hanging from sturdy hooks overhead are easy to grab before rushing off to school.

3. Plan to be healthy. Eating habits affect how well your child learns. Plan breakfast and packed lunches the night before. Set aside a shelf in the pantry and fridge to store healthy snacks so you’re not sorting through food at the last minute.

Main Line Kitchen Renovation
A high-performance kitchen can help solve storage issues and make cooking more enjoyable.

St. Davids Kitchen Remodel White
Keep healthy snacks visible and within reach to encourage healthy eating habits.

4. Keep it clean. Tackle the never-ending pile of laundry more quickly by moving the laundry room onto the main floor. Create a special hamper in the laundry room for uniforms and other rush items. Fold t-shirts so the design can be seen without unfolding the shirt. Velcro a stain-stick to each laundry basket and show the kids how to use it.

Main Line Laundry Room Renovation - Main FloorResolve space issues by purchasing stackable washer and dryer units that require less space than ever before.

5. Let them play! Help your child make positive social relationships by arranging play dates with classmates. Go for quality, not quantity. Activities should be fun and encourage social skills.

Arts and Crafts Kids Play Room
A kid-friendly arts and crafts room encourages creativity in a casual stress-free environment.

Teen Friendly Game Room in Renovated Basement
A renovated basement with snack bar and arcade games becomes the perfect teen hang out.

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