Kick-Off the NFL Season with a Man Cave

10 Sep

The man cave is a place to get away from it all and just be a guy. No candles, flowers, or throw pillows. No chatter or chores. The man cave is a place where control is important, a place where men feel comfortable, a place where a man can be alone with his power tools and projects. Dens, basements, workshops, garages, oversized mudrooms – all are being transformed into designated playrooms more fit for a king than a caveman. Complete with home theaters, media rooms, wine cellars, bars, gyms, and workshops, today’s man cave can even make TV carpenters green with envy. See for yourself!

Man Cave Home Theater Main Line Basement Renovation
Crack open a cold one and ease into a leather recliner before tuning into the game.

Man Cave Cigar Room Main Line Basement Renovation
A well-appointed cigar room complete with custom cabinetry and a smoke-eating humidor communicates class and sophistication. Glass front arched French doors keep smoke in and children out.

Man Cave Media Room Main Line Attic Renovation
Quiet and secluded, a media room tucked into the corner of a finished attic allows the movie buff to watch his favorite flicks, day or night. A small window keeps the room from feeling too, well, cave-like.

Man Cave Basement Bar Card Table Main Line Renovation
Poker night at the man cave means playing cards on an authentic casino style poker table adjacent to a well-stocked bar.

Man Cave Gym Main Line Basement RenovationA home fitness center may be just what you need to give your workout a lift. Floor to ceiling mirrors and a built-in TV cubby lets you check your form as you watch the game.

Man Cave Custom Display Case Main Line Basement Renovation
Constructed to resemble oversized furniture pieces, custom cabinetry displays swords and trophies collected from the owner’s NCAA fencing championship days. Brightly lit custom pullout drawers house the sword collection. Fencing not your thing? Imagine a shatter-proof glass gun cabinet or a UV protected case to display and protect baseball cards or comic books.

Man Cave Arcade Game Room Main Line Basement Renovation
Throw a couple of arcade games in the basement, and the party’s at your house every week. An open floor plan in this basement redo left plenty of space to add more arcade games later on.

Man Cave Wine Room Main Line Basement Renovation
Brick and stone conjures up the feeling of an old vintner’s cave in a temperature controlled wine room. The barrel vaulted ceiling mimics that of a dug-out cave.

Basement Bar Main Line Renovation
Save money fixing up your man cave by using things you already own. For example, this homeowner salvaged the cabinetry and relative accoutrement from an existing bar to re-use in his basement remodel.

Man Cave Billiards Room Main Line Addition
Who says a man cave must be dark? This large entertainment room addition included a bar and powder room. Eight-foot French doors, clerestory dormer windows, and a vaulted ceiling provides light, space, and a spectacular panoramic view.

Women have taken over the rest of the house. The time has come for men to mark their own territory! And it’s no longer so . . . cave-like.


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