On Cloud 9 with Wharton

5 May

Construction Manager Main Line Philadelphia
The Cloud 9 team donned construction hats and posed with Gardner/Fox president Brook Gardner after presenting their recommendations on April 22.

Philadelphia, PA – As part of a Management 100 course, a team of ambitious young students from Wharton conducted an audit of our external communications. The “Cloud Nine” team surveyed clients, analyzed competitors and researched the construction industry to provide recommendations for sharpening our communications package. The suggestions will be integrated with our current marketing strategy over the next few weeks.

“These students are really sharp,” says Gardner/Fox president Brook Gardner. “I’m confident they will enjoy enormous success in their remaining years at school and in their future careers.

Members of the Cloud Nine team included Steve Chung, Garrett Marks, Federico Moncaleano, Jonathan Oppenheim, Hall Sun, Sowan Cha, Connie Hwang, Misung Son, and Helin Shiah.

The students will soon be young professionals with resumes . . . Remember these names!

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