Why We Love our Job

12 May

Every once in a while, someone takes the time to acknowledge a job well done and we totally appreciate it. In fact, we’d like to clone these guys and build them a million houses. Unfortunately we can’t. So we’ll just say that appreciation is greatly appreciated. Oh – and our guys are the best. See below….

My wife and I recently completed our basement renovation through your firm and are thrilled with the results. Having served as a Vice President in an advertising agency I’m aware that most managers are only informed when clients are unsatisfied which is why I wanted to make sure you were aware of the great work being done by Ned Greenhow, Ken Brown and Dave Brightman.

Ned was on sight every day and did a good job keeping us informed of the progress. He was extremely approachable and included us in the necessary decisions. He made sure we felt good about our choices and the outcomes. I was very impressed when he took the time to chalk everything out on the floor so I could visually see where different walls could go. When we requested changes, he addressed them immediately, and with a positive attitude. Even more importantly, my 3 year old daughter loves him 🙂

Ken, our project lead, must never sleep. Any time I sent him an e-mail (and I sent them at all hours) I got a response within 30 minutes. During the second week of the project, we were scheduled to be without heat and water, as the team was digging through the foundation (to gain more height) and replacing the HVAC. We were staying with family when my wife went into labor (3 weeks early) with our second daughter. Ken made sure to push the team to finish early so that when we were discharged from the hospital we could return to our home. I can’t thank him enough, as my wife would have never let me here the end of it otherwise.

Passion and enthusiasm are the words I would use to describe Dave Brightman. He arrived near the end of the project to touch up areas of the property that were disturbed during the construction and to take care of some additional masonry needs. He is very passionate about his craft and it shows in the final product. My wife wanted to do more construction just so we could have him continue to fix other areas of the property.

While I’m not sure I would recommend undertaking construction and a newborn at the same time – I would certainly recommend Gardner/Fox and especially Ned, Ken and Dave.



Thank you Rob! To say it was a pleasure to work for you would be a complete understatement. We hope you enjoy your “new” basement.

Ned, Ken, Dave – take the rest of the year off!

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