Did You Know? The Washlet

11 Aug

“Almost half of all private homes in Japan have a bidet toilet, exceeding the number of households with a personal computer. Combination toilet/bidets with seat warmers, or “washlets”, are particularly popular in Japan and South Korea, found in approximately 60% of households.”

— Source Wikipedia

A washlet is a special toilet seat (by ToTo) that can be retrofitted on almost any type of toilet. The washlet offers the hygiene of a bidet but doesn’t require extra floor space or careful maneuvering. Here’s how it works:

ToTo Washlet Dual Action Spray

Dual Action Spray

With just one touch, an antibacterial wand extends from under the seat for soothing and gentle warm water cleansing. Self cleans after each use!

ToTo Washlet Heated Seat

Heated SoftClose Seat

ToTo’s models come with a heated contoured seat for maximum comfort.

ToTo Washlet Self Cleaning Wand

Self-Cleaning Wand

The self-cleaning function cleanses and sanitizes the entire antibacterial wand before and after each use.

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