Detached Structure Converted to Home Office

15 Mar

Detached Home Office Design and Construction
An abandoned pump house was converted into a functional home office just a few steps from the main house. The detached structure allows the home owner to focus on work without being interrupted by everyday family life.

Home Office Design and Construction in Ambler, PA
The existing detached structure was completely gutted, then insulated and drywalled. A wall-mounted HVAC unit controls the temperature while an overhead fan circulates the air.

Home Office Construction Philadelphia, PA
Floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry provides open shelving for storage and display. Files and other office accoutrement may be tucked out of sight behind lower cabinet doors. A neutral-toned sofa offers comfortable seating for visitors.

Detached Structure Renovation to Home Office Ambler PA
Exterior details of the detached structure match those of the main house.

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