Spring Home Maintenance Tips

22 Mar

A modern house is a sophisticated combination of materials, systems and technology that should provide good service for many years — as long as it is properly maintained. We recommend performing the following set of maintenance tasks every spring.

Have an air conditioning pro inspect your system. Regular maintenance can help decrease the chance of fire, save money by making the system run more efficiently and help prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

Replace HVAC filters.

Check ground fault interrupters (GFCI) outlets.

Inspect the walls, floors, and foundation for cracks.

Check for damage to your roof.  Signs include missing, curling, cupping, broken or cracked shingles, and pooling of water on flat roofs.

Inspect the basement for signs of moisture, rotten wood, and insects.

Check the attic for water damage, birds, and rodents.

Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters are primary source of wet basements!

Inspect the hoses to your washer for any cracks or bulges.

Clean out the dryer vent hose. Build-up of lint in the hose is a fire hazard.

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