Is Your Home Covered?

18 Jul

A colleague recently discovered that her home insurance policy did not cover a disaster as she thought it would. Don’t wait until a catastrophe puts you out of your home to re-evaluate your insurance. Question everything!

Starter Questions for your Agent:

  1. What is included in my homeowner’s policy (structural, contents, liability coverage, additional living expenses)? Can I raise the amount of coverage for certain areas in my policy? How often?
  2. What is excluded from my policy? What areas have limited coverage?
  3. What would it cost to rebuild my home? What would it cost to replace the items in my home?
  4. Do I need a separate policy to include exterior structures (garages, sheds, gazebos, pools, etc.)?
  5. What disasters or ‘perils’ am I insured for (theft, fire, tornado, vandalism, etc.)?
  6. Do I need flood, earthquake or an umbrella policy?
  7. In the event of a flood what would be covered? Do I need separate insurance for coverage of possessions?
  8. Am I covered in events of water damage (i.e. frozen pipes, burst pipes, leaky appliances, sewer back-up, rainwater, seepage and leaks, flash flooding)? For which events am I covered or not covered? What is your definition of ‘flooding’, meaning I’m not covered?
  9. Do I need sewer back up insurance?
  10. Does my policy include a separate deductible for risks like hurricane or hail?
  11. Will my policy cover repairs and/or replacement of the appliances in my home?
  12. Am I covered for liability? Will guests’ injuries and medical expenses be covered if injured on my property?
  13. If my home is under remodeling or construction do I need extra riders or coverage (liability, theft, damage, etc.)?
  14. Do I need separate insurance for animals and their possessions in my home?
  15. Do I need separate insurance for my home-based business (liability, structural, possessions)? What types are available?
  16. Is this attached or separate from my homeowner’s insurance?
  17. Do you offer any protection against identity theft?
  18. What kind of riders or floaters do you offer? May I see a list of all types of riders/floaters you have available? Do I need separate riders for valuable items or house items such as:_____________?
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