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Third Floor Guest Suite Addition

29 Sep

Guest Suite Addition in Renovated Attic
The goal of the renovation was to convert an exposed frame attic into suitable guest quarters. Three new gabled dormers on the front facade, a new half round window, and a new shed dormer at the rear provide natural light and views of the lawn. Recessed niches take advantage of dead space to provide storage and display areas. Architectural molding and casework matches existing details.

Attic Conversion bryn mawr pa
Before the renovation, the attic space was accessible only via a pull-down staircase. The architecture design included a new hardwood staircase to connect the existing stairs to the newly converted third floor.

Bathroom Renovation Bryn Mawr, PA
Bath adornments are kept to a minimum, allowing the natural materials and clean lines to speak for themselves.

Renovated Bath Reclaimed Attic Bryn Mawr PA
A spacious shower with a hand held and rainfall shower head provides a touch of luxury for guests.

Attic Conversion Guest Suite Addition Bryn Mawr, PA
Wide plank oak flooring continues into a separate guest suite on the other side of the stair hall.

Guest Suite Addition Bryn Mawr Main Line Philadelphia
A classic pedestal sink pairs well with recessed wainscot paneling.


Chromatherapy? Is that a typo?

20 Mar

Actually no. Chromatherapy is the term for a branch of holistic healing that utilizes color to achieve optimal health. It’s based on the fact that what we think of as color is actually reflected light that reaches our retinas through vibratory wavelengths. Our brains then interpret the waves as colors.

If we think of color as a sensation, it’s reasonable to entertain the idea that colors can affect mood and a sense of well-being. Research shows that certain colors have measurable psychological and physiological effects on people. For example, warm colors like red and orange can act as stimulants, increase heart rates, induce perspiration, and arouse feelings of excitement. Studies have also shown that people attach symbolic significance to certain colors, such as red, which most people associate with love, regardless of their cultural background.

Recently, luxury shower and bath manufacturers have begun to incorporate chromatherapy options into the bathing experience. LED and fiber-optic lights built into showerheads and tubs can shower you with eight colors light and water. Digital controls allow you to cycle through the color spectrum or pause on one color to relax or invigorate the senses. Combined with aromatherapy and aural sensations from the sound of running water, you can enjoy a complete sensory experience that’s sure to affect you mentally and physically.

Luxury Showers with Kohler

19 Mar

DTV II Custom Shower SystemAngela Flebbe, a representative from Kohler, stopped by the Gardner/Fox showroom and gave an informative presentation on the luxury shower experience to a squad of architects, interior designers, and purchasing agents.

Ms. Flebbe outlined plumbing and piping requirements and considerations for designing and installing the ultimate shower experience complete with rainfall showerheads, body sprays, steam options and more.

She finished up by introducing an inspiring array of new Kohler products, including the new DTV II custom shower system. The sleek intuitive digital interface controls the delivery of water with music, ambient lighting, chromatherapy and steam.

Learn more at Kohler.com/CustomShowering.

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